About Us

We started on this journey several years ago to find bras that were pretty, supportive and comfortable for larger breasts. We quickly found that there were not many options. Then something happened, The Oprah Effect. In 2008, Oprah did a segment about finding the right bra size. It was determined that 8 out 10 women did not know their size. As more women discovered they were wearing the improper sizes, the demand for larger sizes grew. Today, there are more brands increasing their size range to include larger breasts! But we noticed that different manufacturers and media outlets defined plus size bras as a woman who may wear a dress size 14 and above. That’s not necessarily true. Large breasts come in many dress forms from a size 2 to 26, big breasts are big breasts right?

That’s when Cr8zy Curves began. We are a lingerie store specializing in larger cups from E-K for band sizes of 32-44. We believe that women should love their crazy curves and should have fun shopping for the girls! We carry brands that are fashion forward, yet supportive for your body. We know what it is like to go shopping, see a pretty bra and then leave the store disappointed because it doesn’t come in your size. We want to take the angst out of bra shopping. We are a new store and look forward to adding more lines. Our mission is to help women embrace their bodies.